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SpaceCoastIRadio.com Is A Legal Streaming Internet Radio
And We Are Registered With The United States Copyright Office
In Accordance With 37 CPR 270, Washington DC Welcome Aboard!

An estimated 89 million Americans listened to online radio each month, and overseas
listeners have increased having this number higher for listeners being online.
That is a number that should continue to grow for the next several years . . .
a number that is up from 69 million monthly listeners a year ago. In fact,
the online audience has doubled every 5 years since 2001.
Isn't it time you started cashing in on this booming trend?

Our Mission Here At SpaceCoastIRadio.com:
Entertainment For Our Listener's

"Performance" Without Listeners Means No Royalties
From Any Legal Internet Streaming Radio!

  • "Performance" Is Defined As The Streaming of One Song To One Listener
    On A Legal Streaming Internet Radio Station.

  • SpaceCoastIRadio.com Is Filed With
    Florida Secretary of State Registration #G11000098102.
    Doing Business As SpaceCoastIRadio.com

  • SoundExchange Has Between $40 and $200 Million Dollars In Royalty Payments
    Sitting Around Waiting To Be Collected By Musicians.
    Collect The Royalty Payments Owed To You By Registering With Sound Exchange Pronto.

  • SpaceCoastIRadio.com Does Not Charge Any Fees
    For Air Play Of Music.

  • Anyone That Makes Donations To SpaceCoastIRadio.com,
    Can Use Their Donations As Tax Deductable, Since
    SpaceCoastIRadio.com Is A Legal Business Name
    Filed With Florida Secretary of State Registration
    #G11000098102. Doing Business As SpaceCoastIRadio.com

    Listener's Can View These Websites To Be Educated
    As There Are So Much Not Understood:

  • Copyright Royalty Board’s 2011-2015 Rates|Click Here!
  • How Musicians Get Paid For Digital Performances Of Their Music|Click Here!
  • How Music Royalties Work|Click Here!
  • SpaceCoastIRadio.com Supports The Musical Artists Played With Royalty Performance Monetary Payments (Through StreamLicensing.com To ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange).
    SpaceCoastIRadio.com Is DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) & RIAA Compliant.

  • Sound Exchange Online Registration|Click Here!
  • SoundEchange Rep For SpaceCoastIRadio.com
    Travis Ploeger, Manager, Licensing and Enforcement, SoundExchange, INC
    1121 Fourteenth Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005
    202.640.5882 (10am to 4pm EST) 202.640.5883(Fax)

    How To Register with Soundexchange
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    Website: SoundExchange.com

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    Get Your Family, Friends To Tune Into
    Steady Fans Help With Listener Performance.
    Hit & Run's Do Not Help.