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How To Send Music To You May Bookmark This Page. Does Not Ask Music Artist For Any Monies To Play Music Artist Songs.

We Only Accept Music From Artist From United States and Canada Per Rules of Unless Music Artist Overseas Belong To Service That Is Connected To In USA, Where Royalites Are Paid To Music Artists. If You Are Then We Can Receive Your Music For Our Playlist In USA. You That Can't Make A Phone Call Send Us A eMail You Have Complied To Above.

eMail To Conact Us If You Live Overseas: For eMail Address Where
To Send Your MP3's To If You Belong To Service That Is Connected To

Music Artist Are Paid Royalties Only When Listeners Are Tuned In When Artist Song Is Played. We Do Not Pay When Song Plays, Only When Song Plays With Listeners Tuned In During The Air Play of Song. The More Listeners The More Music Artist Gets Paid. We Pay Every Month Royalties To and They Pay Be A Listener Supporter Here At and Help These Artist. Help Us Build Listener Base, They Will Apprciate Your Listening Performance. To Learn More About - Visit Their Website.

Dear Musician/Label/PR Representative,

Thanks for considering when sending music out.

Please remember that we get sent a lot of music. We love the fact that we get sent music all the time, but because of the amount of tracks, releases, dubs, albums, EPs and music that we get sent, it can be difficult to organise, listen to and keep track of it all.

To get your music heard by our listener's in the best way, and for us to keep our sanity when receiving and organising music, Weíve put together some guidelines on what you should and shouldnít do when sending us music.

  • Do Not

  • Do not send us an mp3 as an attachment to an email other than email we provide for sent mp3's.
    Our inbox is already big and busy enough. We donít want to spend ages waiting for your email to load in our inbox because itís downloading a 12Mb file on to our machine.

    To Get This email address contact Jimmy Lawson At Phone #321-205-9005.

    Do not send us an incomplete track. We would prefer to get a full track please. Then we can get a feel for the entire piece, as well as play it out, or in a mix if we want to support your music.

    Do not send us music via a Facebook message. Facebook is not a great platform for sending music, and we donít always check our messages and notifications there. It is easier for us to handle things at our email address setup for MP3's.

    Do not send us music via a Twitter message. 140 characters is barely enough room for a URL and a couple of words. We donít keep track of our Twitter direct messages either. It is easier for us to handle things at our email address setup for MP3's.

    Do not send us an empty email with just a link. It will probably be flagged as spam for a start. We will not click a link unless we know what it is, and we would prefer you to put in a bit of effort when you write us an email. We are not a URL parsing machine.

    Do not send us the track in 3 different ways. You emailed us, sent us a Revernation message, a Twitter notification and a Facebook note about this track. We got it the first time. Please just tell us once, via email.

    Do not add us to the huge CC list on your email. Itís not very nice to get an email that has been sent to 200 other people. Itís not very personal. Itís even worse, when everyone else who got the email can also see all the email addresses. Please use either the BCC, or write to us directly. A little care and attention goes a long way.

    Do not give us your life story. This is not about writing ten paragraphs about how you grew up listening to music, or how you would describe your sound with a million genre names. Please just be concise and try not to write too much. We donít have time to read it all, and it will most likely get skimmed. This is more to do with the music.

    Do not remind us every day about the track you sent. We got your email (unless you got a failed delivery note) so we will check it when we get the chance. If you donít hear back from us, then we may not have had time to check it, and we donít need reminders every day. One polite reminder after a week or two would be sufficient.

  • Do

  • Join Read all about how your music is played on internet radio.

    Do try to make sure itís not less than a 320kbps mp3 file. If you send us a low quality file, then we probably wonít enjoy listening to it much, and we wonít be able to play or support it. If you send us a 320kbps mp3 file then at least we can use it and enjoy it to the fullest. Our Internet Radio Station is 128kbps, But we want to be the one to set the 128kbps.

    Do name your track properly. Please name your music properly. We donít have time to check back through all the emails we got sent to find out who the artist or label is. Make sure the information is in the filename (and even mp3 file tags). Here is a helpful guide to naming your track:

    Single Tracks:
    Artist Name - Track Name [label & cat noí or ďunsignedĒ]

    Artist Name - Track Name (Remixer Name Remix) [label & cat noí or ďunsignedĒ]

    Folder names (for multiple tracks):
    Artist Name Ė Release Name [label & cat noí or ďunsignedĒ]

    Do as stated above phone Jimmy Lawson Phone #321-205-9005 to get our email address for mp3's.

  • It Would Be Nice

  • It would be nice to get a little note about the track, or a short introduction. We are not looking for your life story, or a huge biography but itís nice to know who we getting email from, maybe how you found us or something about the track, as a precursor to us listening to it.

    It would be nice to get just one reminder email. Please donít bombard us with reminders. We get enough email as it is, and just one polite email reminder after a couple of weeks will be more effective than lots of notes every day.

    None of these guidelines are difficult to follow, and most are just common sense. If you can follow these simple guidelines, then we will be able to easily file and listen to your music, and we should be able to feedback to you if we can. When you send your music at our email address you phoned for, you will receive a autoresponder letting you know we received. If any problems we will let you know.

    Jimmy Lawson
    Office Hours
    10am est To 5pm est
    Mon To Fri